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Recovery of critical and other raw materials from mining waste and landfills – State of play on existing practices. Blengini et al. (Editors), JRC Science for Policy Report, 2019.

The transition to a more circular economy is essential to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient, and competitive economy in the EU. In such a context, Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) are those with a particularly high importance to the EU economy and, at the same time, with a high risk of supply disruptions. First and foremost, improving the circular use of CRMs is a key strategy in improving the security of supply and not surprisingly is an objective of various policies. This report delivers on action #39 of the Circular Economy Action Plan: “Sharing of best practice for the recovery of critical raw materials from mining waste and landfills”. It builds on discussions held during two 2018 workshops and gathers together six examples of existing practices for the recovery of critical, precious, and other materials from extractive waste and landfills, highlighting technological innovations and contributions to a more comprehensive knowledge-base on raw materials. (2.8.2019)

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New report on rare earth elements ”REEs” in Sweden. SGU – Geological Survey of Sweden (June, 2019)

This report presents a selection of results collected by the Swedish team at SGU, within the framework of the EURARE project. The work included an extensive literature review of previous publications and reports, which led to updates of SGU’s national database with additional occurrences, as well as suggestions for new investigations.


Kriittiset metallit ja huoltovarmuus. Huoltovarmuuskeskus (2017)

Huoltovarmuusorganisaation Teknologiapooli on teettänyt esiselvityksen kriittisten metallien ja metalliyhdisteiden käytöstä ja kierrätyksestä suomalaisessa teollisuudessa. Tavoitteena oli luoda tilannekuva siitä, mitkä ovat suomalaisten teollisuusyritysten toiminnan kannalta kriittisiä metalleja ja metalliyhdisteitä, miten materiaalien saatavuuteen liittyviä riskejä on hallittu ja miten yritykset näkevät yhteistyön merkityksen toiminnan jatkuvuuden näkökulmasta.


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